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Gifts for the twins

The twins are starting college soon. They graduated top of their class in high school and as a reward, their parents asked them what they want. The twins being considerate asked their parents to get them laptops on sale. They will use it for college already.

Their parents of course obliged. They know how hard working the twins are and they know the laptops will be put to good use in college. So even if it’s not in their budget, they bought them laptops each.

Centris Walk

My friend and I met up at Centris Walk, near the metro rail station. I brought along Chin with me because there’s a wooden swing set there where she could play at. There’s also a carousel and a train. I knew she’d enjoy the place and I was right.

She had a grand time! We went there at around five in the afternoon so the sun was already setting. It’s a perfect time to play around the mini playground and that’s what Chin did.

We both went home after a few hours there. We both had a blast!

Step on it

Myrna is a stay at home mom. She does everything at home herself. They just moved into a new home they are renting out. The kitchen cabinets are high so she asked her husband to buy her a sturdy step. She will step on it if she needs to reach something from the cabinets.

She has her husband, her twins, and the house to take care of. But if you look at Myrna, you’d think that she’s still single and not with a lot to take care of. I think being happy with what you do can make you look like you’re doing everything easily.


The next-door neighbor just relocated from the province. They came to the city to live here due to the father’s work assignment. He is assigned to head the new office in the city. The whole family was so excited to move that they forgot a lot of things!

They left behind a box containing the xbox network cable, cellphone chargers, rugs and some other stuff. One of them has to go back one of these days to get the box back. Or they will just have to buy the ones they left behind.

No more dark circles

Annie spends so much on concealers and eye makeup. Do you know why? She has dark circles under her eyes. She suffers from a sleeping disorder and dark circles is the result of it. She is getting dark circles treatment very soon. She noticed that even the eye makeup is not hiding the dark circles anymore. She needs to do something about it so that she doesn’t have to worry about it this much.

And she also doesn’t have to suffer from people asking if she’s sick and she’s just hiding it.